OC Consulting Group (OC) is a fee-based life insurance consulting practice that is brought in by and works closely with attorneys, CPAs, trustees, family offices, non-profits and high end financial and insurance advisors to bring expert and independent insurance information to the table. The basic premise of the operation is that Objective Information Drives Informed Decisions.


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About OC

OC analysts bring a wide range of services imperative to proper procurement, analysis and ongoing management of a life insurance portfolio. From simple second opinions to in-depth actuarially defensible analysis, from front end strategy development and implementation to ongoing management, if it has to do with life insurance, OC is your resource.

Appropriately procuring, effectively analyzing and efficiently managing life insurance mandates understanding, attention and tools seldom available to most consumers and advisors. We discover, design and implement strategies to optimize performance of committed assets as well as avoid the inevitable disappointment and potential financial repercussions of an unmanaged policy.

Objective Information Drives Informed Decisions​

The Problem

While we don’t want to give the impression that the sky is falling for every life insurance policy out there, it’s a documented fact that most policies are underperforming the assumptions on which decisions were made and the policies procured.

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The Process

Life insurance consulting and policy management involves in-depth financial analysis of policy performance relative to original assumptions and systematic benchmarking against market alternatives. It’s about understanding the changing goals and risk tolerances of clients and managing them against the constantly

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The Potential

Policy maintenance doesn’t cut it anymore. Ongoing and active professional policy management can protect against a wide variety of potential policy disasters, assure policy stability and gain maximum efficiency of committed resources. This can result in meaningful savings and/or increased

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What We Do

We  are here to provide objective information to drive informed life insurance decisions.

Life Insurance Services


Providing a powerful safeguard for your financial future


Understand the various types of life insurance policies


Ensuring that your financial future is secure


Security for both present and future generations

Objective Information Drives Informed Decisions​

Term Insurance Converage

Some changes in the industry, you should be aware of.

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Objective Information Drives Informed Decisions​​

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