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Hey there. I’m Bill, founder and principal of OC Consulting Group, a life insurance consulting practice. I may be the biggest proponent and the fiercest critic of the life insurance industry, and I’ll argue that this is exactly what you want when it comes to life insurance analysis and consulting. Today, I wanna share my specialties, who works with me and why I’m brought in. I work closely with estate planning attorneys and CPAs, trustees and family offices, financial professionals, and nonprofits all over the country. Typically, these advisors bring me in to work for the benefit of their high net worth clients. Often these are closely held business owners, wealthy executives and professionals and clients with inherited wealth. My clients range from mom and pop businesses to individuals and families on the Forbes Billionaire List. Most of my work deals with multi-generational wealth, business transfer, and legacy planning. I’m a life insurance guy, very narrowly focused on this market. 

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An expert who can speak to language and understand the work of the client circle of advisors who I closely work with on a regular basis. My work ranges from simple second opinions to in-depth analysis regarding life insurance, contracts, portfolios, and strategies. I’m brought in on the front end for strategy development, carrier evaluation, contract design, underwriting expertise, and policy procurement. While the portfolio is enforced, I’m retained for ongoing management, benchmarking, stress testing, modeling, and valuations on the backend. I’m brought in to coordinate the most effective divestiture strategies, implement exchanges, perform tax analysis, and evaluate the life settlement markets. While I strive to educate the advisor and consumer markets about how life insurance really works and how critically important it is to astutely, build a contract and meticulously manage it. Too often I’m only brought in when things go wrong. My role is often Mr. Fixit of the life insurance world brought in to salvage things when the wheels come off. 

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In these cases, my focus is on policy remediation. I perform modeling and stress testing. I’m brought in for litigation support and expert witness work, and I have trial and thinner arbitration experience. The bottom line is, if you can imagine an issue relative to life insurance, someone somewhere in the country is bringing me in to deal with it. Recent engagements include squashing deals that are not in client’s best interest and supporting proposals that effectively accomplish client goals. I recommend replacing or surrendering subpar contracts and proving the numbers on keeping the good ones. Recently, I won a couple million dollar settlement for a contract owner who was a victim of fraud, who didn’t even know it until I told them. I’ve eliminated millions in taxable gain and salvaged millions in losses by introducing overlooked strategies. I’ve rescued clients from underwater premium financing deals I’ve restructured, misunderstood, and underperforming private placement transactions, saved millions in taxes through realistic valuations and delivered six and seven figure checks to policy holders for contracts on the cuspal lapsing with no value, whether engaging or mundane, a year’s long 

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Process or a single phone call, every engagement brings meaningful value. After 25 years of focusing on the high-end markets, I can confidently state I know the answers to the questions and the solutions to the problems you and your clients are looking for, or I know the people who do. In the end, pragmatic and dependent and objective advice, analysis and research may not be as easy to track down as you might think. Remember those who don’t know how the system works, subsidize those who do. What side do you want to be on.

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