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Is Term Insurance a Commodity?

When it comes to term insurance, can’t I treat that as a commodity, at least when I’m dealing with quality insurance companies? Why should I pay any more than I need to?

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Premium Financing

Is there any non-proprietary information, including company and contract recommendations, as well as illustrations of cases, of which you have analyzed and approved?

My inclination has always been to employ a guaranteed ten-pay WL contract, with as much enhanced-style PUA’s as possible (below MEC) and combine it with a fixed, ten-year loan to attempt attainment of my true, positive arbitrage, but I need your counsel on my theory.

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Opinion of IUL Policies

I am curious as to your opinion of IUL policies? They seem to me to substantially overpromise, and they are too complicated for me to understand! Would love to hear what you think.

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