Bill Boersma in the Wall Street Journal!

Once more, a national finance columnist has reached out to me as an expert on life insurance issues. Arden Dale’s piece in today’s The Wall Street Journal (05/26/2009) was driven by a conversation we had recently about the need for management of life insurance and the problems that can arise without it. You can read the story on page D2 or online here.

Arden Dale is a Senior Writer at Dow Jones & Co.. The story was also carried online by Yahoo Finance, The New York Times and USA Today. She told me the piece was going to be “dumbed down” a bit but that this may be the beginning of an ongoing dialogue.

This may be as good of a time as any to introduce my blog. A blog on life insurance may strike many of you as so boring that the following Dilbert strip would ring true. I hope to be slightly more engaging.

This is blog will focus on life insurance. Here I will periodically post articles, thoughts, case examples, general commentary on the industry and possibly the occasional rant. Believe it or not, there are clients, agents and other professional advisors who have asked for this.

I am looking for dialogue and we plan to add an “Ask the Life Insurance Expert” section. For these who care to engage in, or simply read about, an objective conversation regarding life insurance, it should be informative.

Enjoy your day.

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