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I am curious as to your opinion of IUL policies? They seem to me to substantially overpromise, and they are too complicated for me to understand! Would love to hear what you think.


Regarding IUL, I say “There’s not bad insurance as much as there is insurance done badly.” 

I think some IUL products can serve a purpose just as whole life can… and GUL, VUL, term, private placement, etc. However, almost no consumers understand it and too many agents don’t either. There is too great a chance for abuse and I believe the typically illustrated crediting rates are too aggressive. Stress testing and independent modeling prove this out. 

I think the industry is setting itself up for a repeat of the VUL disaster. If IUL is utilized it should be built like a VUL should be; minimum death benefit with maximum funding with prospective clients seeing how it performs at conservative return assumptions. 

Too often I see IUL being used a competitive spreadsheet tool to win deals. High death benefits with insufficient funding at AG49 rates are a recipe for failure. 

Does that answer your question? Thanks again for reaching out and enjoy your day.

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