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Most of my engagements are a result of professional advisors bringing me in to fix problems. I’m good at it and happy to be involved and given the realities of the market, this will always be a significant part of my practice. Some of these situations are a result of how a decades long declining interest rate market affects modern life insurance policies. Some of the problems are a result of sales & marketing strategies, sometimes exceedingly complicated, where a disproportionate amount of time may be spent on the advantages and upsides of the ideas and the pertinent aspects of management may be glossed over, if discussed at all.

The commonality of many of these situations is a lack of understanding and attention. A desperately needed component of life insurance planning is a comprehensive process for robust front end education and analysis. Offering independent modeling and stress testing along with expert advice regarding underwriting, strategies, contract details, etc is critically important. Appropriately implemented, this can help keep policy owners from entering transactions for which they lack suitable understanding and structure and will greatly minimize the occurrences of disappointment and financial loss down the road.

This understanding and structure exists in the market but tends to be the exception rather than the rule. We can argue about the reasons for this, from ignorance to greed to laziness, but focusing on a fix will be more productive. Developing the fix is not the problem. It exists. Awareness is the issue. This is where you can help.

Please take a moment to review the links below and then call me to discuss how we can work together to bring value to your clients. Together we can improve the life insurance experience and meaningfully increase the success ratio of transactions and planning.

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PPPP – Case Examples

An attorney contacted me to review a transaction for a client on the precipice of entering a significant Indexed UL portfolio.  On the surface the proposal looked fine but after digging into it, performing independent modeling and stress testing, it became evident the policy design was very tenuous and the

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Where to go from here?

Pick up the phone.  I’m looking forward to discussing this with you.  A phone call is simply the best way to get a feel for the process and to better understand how this work can benefit your clients. Call: (616) 456-1000

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Putting Fees Into Perspective

Here’s an interesting bit of information.  $1,000,000 at 8% over 30 years grows to $10,000,000.  Now let’s assume an investment advisor manages your money and charges 100 basis points annually.  In 30 years your balance is not $10,000,000 but $7,600,000.  In other words, management cost you $2,400,000! 100 basis points

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Insurance Fees in Relation to Other Transactions

When it comes to being attentive and analytical and paying for advice and counsel, your clients go to great lengths to make sure they are entering into sound transactions and their capital is being utilized wisely. Paying fees, sometimes significant, to bring in professionals and specialists to vet deals is

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