Second–to–Die Term Insurance

How often do you hear “I’m going to give it away before I die”?  Or “I know I need that insurance for estate tax liquidity but cash flow is tight right now”?  How about “The business will be fine unless both of us die”? And my favorite; “I’ll make a decision when the politicians figure out the estate tax law”.

I understand each of these sentiments and deal with them regularly.  After all, who really wants to commit to the substantive premiums required for permanent insurance?  Unfortunately I all too often see people take the all or nothing approach but there are often other attractive options.

Convertible Second-to-Die Term Insurance may be the answer for some of your clients.  Take a look at the following grid:

Annual cost per $1,000,000 of coverage.


10 year

20 year

30 year



$   685



$   755











Whether to cover the temporary need that some couples have, or as a temporary fix for those with a permanent need, these numbers are often attractive enough to get people off the dime and take action.

Call us or have your client’s agent call us to discuss and run some numbers.

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