Industry Speaking & Education

Industry Speaking & Education

Bill greatly enjoys speaking on life insurance and his passion for the subject is readily apparent. While the topic often induces eye rolling, he has a track record making it interesting, memorable and even (do we dare to say it?) fun.

Bill is invited in to speak to estate planning councils, legal, accounting, bank and trust management conferences, financial & insurance associations and professional & family offices. A balance of pragmatic education, war stories, practical solutions, market updates and FAQs consistently solicits positive reviews.

Whether speaking at a conference, an association meeting, hosting a web cast or private talks to a professional firm, family office, charitable organization or study group, Bill can customize the length, content and style of his presentations for any audience. Recent talks include titles such as:

  • Life Insurance: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • What You Don’t Know Can Kill You(r Policy)
  • Modern Portfolio Theory for Life Insurance
  • What Every Advisor Needs to Know About Life Insurance
  • How Understanding a Few Basics of Life Insurance Can Grow Your Practice
  • Top 10 Mistakes in Life Insurance Planning
  • Top 10 Life Insurance Opportunities for Your Clients, their Business and Family
  • The Important Details of Life Insurance Performance and Management
  • The Advisor’s Role in Life Insurance Planning
  • Life Insurance Knowledge: The Haves and the Have-Nots
  • Life Insurance and Long Term Care: Better Together?
  • Why Your Clients Need You
  • Life Insurance in the New World (Tax) Order
  • I Did What I was Told So Why is My Life Insurance Policy Falling Apart?
  • Life Insurance and its Role in Charitable Planning
  • Life Insurance in Accumulation Planning: How Does It Really Work?
  • Strange but True: Life Insurance Disasters Too Crazy to Believe
  • When, Where and How to Effectively Use Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Q&A: It’s Your Turn to Ask Questions
  • Understanding the Basics and Having Resources for the Advanced
  • Life Insurance: Why Should I Care?
  • At My Net Worth, Do I Really Need Insurance?

Bill’s presentations can range from simple overviews of the market to details of specific industry issues. While he tailors every talk to his constituency, he often covers much of the following:

  • A brief overview of the modern life insurance market
  • Basic to involved explanation of how life insurance works
  • Reasons so many life insurance policies are failing
  • Analysis of life insurance, remediation strategies and market alternatives
  • Current life insurance market updates and trends
  • Upsides and downsides of products being marketed to your clients
  • The importance of proper procurement and ongoing management of life insurance
  • How to build and manage an optimized portfolio
  • The importance and effect of independent modeling
  • Accessing and utilizing independent expertise
  • Advanced life insurance strategies
  • Inter-generational Split Dollar
  • Private Placement
  • Premium Financing
  • Unique Funding Strategies
  • The effect of declining interest rate market on trust and corporate owned policies
  • The UPIA and fiduciary obligation in trust management


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