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Policy maintenance doesn’t cut it anymore. Ongoing and active professional policy management can protect against a wide variety of potential policy disasters, assure policy stability and gain maximum efficiency of committed resources. This can result in meaningful savings and/or increased benefits both short term and over the life of the policy as well as highlight problems which may otherwise not be evident until it is too late for solutions to be effective. 

The insurance market is very niche oriented and it is important for an independent professional to bring to the table an unbiased account of insurance strategies, market philosophies, product options and carrier choices. 

It’s not just about identifying and rescuing failing policies; it’s about optimizing resources and maximizing the performance of any policy or portfolio of policies. It rarely enters the consciousness that policies could be obtained and managed differently but most life insurance contracts include property rights which are seldom utilized. When something goes wrong involving long term finances, the reality of time value of money compounds small issues into potentially insurmountable issues relatively quickly. Regularly performing policy reviews and audits consistently highlights issues otherwise not apparent to policy owners and advisors. If identified in time, the solutions can be somewhat painless. Other times the price tag is so steep the entire plan needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. Some solutions are complex and involved while others are so unimaginably simplistic it’s hard to understand how such an easy fix could have been left undiscovered for so long. 

While this isn’t simplistic stuff, it isn’t rocket science either. But when you have a thorough understanding of what is going on out there and a passion for making it right, it makes it easier and more rewarding to get the comments from clients like “for the first time in my life, in actually understand this” and “I’ve been working for a couple of years on this and have spoken with a dozen people and you are the first one who can coherently answer my questions”.

By working with an independent specialist, savvy policy owners and advisors can take advantage of these seldom used privileges, sometimes increasing returns on transactions by a couple hundred basis points. After all, successful people have become that way through a habit of paying attention and making astute decisions. Why not continue that track record when it comes to life insurance?

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